Quantum Units Education: New CEU Courses

Quantum Units Education: New CEU Courses

Substance Abuse Treatment for Women

This CE course provides gender-specific factors that significantly influence treatment retention of women, and includes women’s treatment issues and needs, parenting issues and treatment needs, and co-occurring disorders that are most prevalent among women and are likely to require attention during the course of treatment.  Significant consideration is give to trauma, trauma-informed services, and integrated treatment for women with trauma-related symptoms and substance use disorders.

Juvenile Sex Offenders

Statistics on the incidence and prevalence of sex crimes, as well as trend data, can provide important insight into the nature and extent of sexual violence that practitioners can use to design and deliver more effective prevention and intervention strategies.  This CE course presents empirically derived information that helps paint a portrait of what is currently known about the incidence and prevalence of sexual offending and victimization.  It also describes the strengths and weaknesses of the available data so practitioners can better assess and interpret the existing knowledge base.

Case Management

The goal of interagency case management is to connect agencies to one another to provide additional services to clients.  This CEU course prepares program workers about getting involved in these efforts by presenting findings from previous evaluation efforts and then proposing a framework for facilitating quality improvement and other evaluative efforts that consider multiple stakeholders and focus on myriad outcomes and data sources.

Risks of Long-Term Foster Care

The youngest children are the most vulnerable to child maltreatment.  This short CEU course provides the experience of instability in caregivers and households among young children in the child welfare system, including children who are placed out of home and children who remain in-home with their families following investigation.

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