Quantum Units Education: New CEU Courses

Quantum Units Education: New CEU Courses

Self-Regulation and Toxic Stress – An Applied Developmental Perspective

There are seven key principles that summarize the understanding of self-regulation development.  This CEU course provides a comprehensive framework for understanding those key principles of self-regulation in context, using a theoretical model that reflects the influence of biology, caregiving, and the environment on the development of self-regulation.  Consideration of how stress and adversity may impact self-regulation, along with the developmental tasks of self-regulation from birth through young adulthood, with particular attention to contextual factors that may impact development are also discussed.

Legal Protection for Older Adults During All-Hazards Emergencies

The guidance offered in this course is intended to help close many of the gaps in emergency planning and preparedness for vulnerable older adults.  In particular, this CEU course seeks to give public health officials, the Aging Services Network, emergency management personnel, and essential partners from other sectors and at all jurisdiction levels the critical information, strategies, and resources they need to improve the planning for and protection of vulnerable, community-dwelling older adults during all types of emergencies.

Competencies for Counseling the Multiracial Population

The goal of this CEU course is for the competencies discussed to serve as a resource and provide a framework for how counseling and other helping professionals can competently and effectively work with and advocate for members of the multiracial population, including interracial couples, multiracial families, multiracial individuals, and transracial adoptees and families.

The Problem of Prescription Drug Use in the United States

This CEU course sets out to improve the understanding of current prescription drug abuse activities and analyze a report which provides a review of current initiatives and identifies opportunities to ensure the safe use of prescription drugs with the potential for abuse and the treatment of prescription drug dependence.

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