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Sex Trafficking: A Gender Based Civil Rights Violation

The trafficking of persons has frequently been described as a “modern” or “Twenty-First Century” form of slavery.  This CEU course provides definitions of trafficking; discusses how and why trafficking victims are identified; investigates the relationship between organized crime and human trafficking; examines the legalization of prostitution and its impact on the demand for commercial sex which adults initiate with underage partners; looks into the amount and nature of law enforcement resources dedicated to sex trafficking and the need for additional investment; reviews federal efforts to eliminate sex trafficking; and provides recommendations to enhance human trafficking enforcement.ok cool

Human Services for At-Risk LGBT Populations

Young people who are lesbian, gay, or bisexual or whose behavior does not conform to societal gender norms are more likely to experience maltreatment by parents, guardians, or other adults compared to non-LGB and gender conforming children and adolescents.  This CEU course addresses the risk of experiencing child maltreatment among LGBT people, including people who are questioning or unsure of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity; experiences of LGBT youth in child welfare programs; the effectiveness of child welfare services for LGBT youth in foster care; and the participation of LGBT adults in child welfare programs as foster or adoptive parents.  In addition, this course looks at the risk of homelessness or adverse sexual health outcomes among LGBT youth and the prevalence of poverty and economic vulnerability among LGBT populations.

Gynecologic Problems for HIV Infected Women

Gynecologic problems are common among HIV infected women and are frequently present at the time of initial presentation for evaluation and care.  This CEU course provides detailed information pertaining to problem-oriented approaches to common gynecological complaints; abnormal pap smear; genital ulcers; vaginal discharge; pelvic and/or lower abdominal pain; pelvis mass; urinary symptoms; genital warts; genital masses and/or nodules; genital itching and/or irritation; breast lump; sexual dysfunction; menopause; health maintenance issues; and guidelines for gynecologic referrals.

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