Safe drug use, college experimentation and Krystle Cole

By Greg Gonzales

Krystle Cole Drug ExperimentationKrystle Cole has tried more psychedelic drugs than all of the Beatles combined, personally knew the operators of the biggest LSDlaboratory in history and lived through some of the most profound and darkest experiences a human being can have, such as run-ins with the law and bad trips. A native of Kansas and former Tucson dweller, Cole is a pursuing a master’s degree in psychology from Capella University. Through her experience, she became an expert in psychedelics and safe drug use, penned a book called “Lysergic” and founded, a website that focuses on trying to educate people on responsible drug use.

Daily Wildcat: Could you tell me a little about your education? You dropped out of high school at 15?

Cole: It just wasn’t working out for me, so I went for the first semester of high school, and that was it. So after that, I went to college and I got my associate’s degree by the time I was 18. And then I kind of started making some bad decisions … big decisions that greatly impacted my life.

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