Schizophrenia patients show excessive cortical thinning over time

By Mark Cowen

Cortical Thinning in SchizophreniaMedWire News: Patients with schizophrenia demonstrate excessive thinning of the cortex over time relative to mentally healthy individuals, study results show.

Writing in the Archives of General Psychiatry, Neeltje van Haren (University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands) and team explain: “Evidence is accumulating that schizophrenia is characterized by excessive loss of cerebral gray matter (GM) volume over time in the early and chronic stages of the disease. Because most GM tissue is found in the cortex, excessive cortical thinning may explain part of the excessive decreases in GM volume reported in this disease.”

However, they add that “unlike changes in global GM in schizophrenia over time, cortical thickness has not been studied longitudinally.”

To address this, the researchers studied 96 patients with schizophrenia and 113 mentally healthy individuals (controls) who were aged between 16 and 56 years.

Full story at Med Wire News

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