Senator Rob Portman: Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act

More than 24 million Americans struggle with substance abuse and addiction. They are our neighbors, friends and family members, and they need our support. The drugs being abused change, but the results are the same. These drugs rob people of the chance to reach their God-given potential. Today, heroin use is on the rise in Ohio and throughout the country, and without proper intervention and treatment, lives, families and communities are devastated. Often this leads to a downward spiral that turns into criminal activity, time behind bars, or even worse; ends with an overdose.

From 1999 to 2013 the number of deaths from overdoses more than doubled and now, it is estimated that 120 people across the country die each day due to drugs. In Ohio, unintentional overdoses have now overtaken auto accidents as the number one cause of death. There were 2,110 overdose deaths in 2013, a nine percent increase from the year before. One of the driving forces behind this sharp increase is the availability of heroin, opiates, and other incendiary narcotics used to relieve pain.

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Will Savage

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