Study Finds 17 Percent of College Students Misuse ADHD Drugs

An estimated 17 percent of college students misuse drugs designed to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), according to a new analysis of previous studies.

Past studies have differed widely in their estimate of how many college students misuse ADHD drugs, ranging from 2 percent to 43 percent, MedicalXpress reports. The researchers of the new review looked at 30 past studies, and calculated that overall, one in six college students misuse ADHD drugs. Misuse can mean taking more of the drug than has been prescribed, or using the medication without a prescription, the article notes.

Researcher Kate Flory of the University of South Carolina said many college students who misuse the drugs do so in an attempt to improve their academic performance. The new review suggests stimulant misuse is associated with poorer academic performance, she said.

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