Study Suggests E-Cigarettes Enticing New Group of Teens to Use Nicotine

The rate of teens who use nicotine, through e-cigarettes or tobacco cigarettes, is increasing, a new study finds. Researchers say many teens who never would have smoked traditional cigarettes are now using e-cigarettes.

The study included data from 5,490 California high school seniors who graduated between 1995 and 2014. It found about 14 percent of high school seniors in Southern California in 2014 said they had smoked or vaped in the past month. About 8 percent of seniors said they had smoked tobacco in the past 30 days.

Nicotine use has not been so high among teens since 1995, when 19 percent of high school seniors said they smoked, The New York Times reports. The study appears in the journalPediatrics.

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Will Savage

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