Sylvia’s Place: Domestic violence is about control, not anger

By Tim Keith

Domestic ViolenceA man goes out every night, has a drink, comes home and beats his wife and kids. Eventually the woman builds up the courage to run and find somewhere to stay.

The story is a sadly familiar one, but it doesn’t necessarily match the real pattern of domestic abuse, according to those who work at Sylvia’s Place, a domestic violence safe house and advocacy center.

Changing the stereotypes and society’s reactions are the first steps to stopping the cycle, Teresa Price, executive director, and Kelly Eckert, safe house manager, said.

Domestic Violence Month, which runs through October, provides a forum to discuss some of the misconceptions of the issue, they said.

A problem of control

The largest piece of the puzzle is changing the way men think about domestic violence, they said. Men are the perpetrators of the violence in the vast majority of cases.

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