Take the Vow 2012: The Stress Stops Here

Take the Vow 2012: The Stress Stops Here

Stop Stress 2012Last year, for National Stress Awareness Month, I published a series of articles here about how contagious stress can be. With the support of the HuffPost editors, I asked readers to vow not to pass their stress on to others for one day.

This year, for National Stress Awareness Day (April 16), I want to raise the stakes.

I want you to take that vow formally and publicly. I want you to invite your family and friends and coworkers to take the vow, too. I want to see if we can create one day in the world that is noticeably less stressful… by taking responsibility for our stress and vowing not to pass it on.

It’s really very simple.

When you are suffering from long-term chronic stress, or just the repeated hassles and incivilities of modern life, you are more likely to make a mistake, drop the ball, kick the dog, blow a fuse. You are also more likely to be sleep-deprived, which makes the other effects of stress — already bad — much worse.

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