Tips for staying sober during the holidays

By Liz Barnes

Staying Sober For HolidaysMany a well-intended sober person has slipped or flat-out relapsed in this tricky holiday season.

It’s important to have a plan to steer you through these slippery times. It’s also important to be realistic and not attend drinking or using parties. I mean, come on now, do you really have any business being there? And really, do you think they will actually miss you? Didn’t think so.

During past holidays, stress, anxiety, loneliness, depression and worries disappeared in a flash by rubbing alcohol right across the tongue, then down to the tummy. Cocaine, pot and most any opiate also worked wonders on such terrible feelings.

So the plan needs to deal with these highly uncomfortable feelings. Let your loved ones in on your plan so they can help. It’s been said addiction is a feelings disease. Addicts hate to feel emotional and psychic pain more than most. Maybe, truth be told, they are just more sensitive to feelings. Who knows?

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Will Savage

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