What you need to know about synthetic drugs

What you need to know about synthetic drugs

Spice, bath salts, herbal incense.

They sound like something you might find on the fragrance aisle at Target, but these are actually dangerous drugs masked as harmless fragrances, sold in convenience stores and online.

Innocent names such as Mr. Smiley hide the dangers.

No one really knows what’s in these so-called synthetic drugs. Manufacturers play a dangerous cat-and-mouse game with law enforcement by constantly changing the chemical compounds of the drugs to circumvent existing laws.

Last week, Colorado health authorities announced that they — along with the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — are investigating a rash of hospitalizations and three deaths believed to be the result of smoking synthetic marijuana. And real marijuana is legal in Colorado.

CNN’s Drew Griffin, who got exclusive access to a federal sweep of synthetic drugs earlier this year, spoke to John Scherbenske, a Drug Enforcement Administration official who oversees its Synthetic Drugs and Chemicals section.

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