When to take a mental health day from work

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Day Off Work For HealthWhen work (and life) stressors become overwhelming, rather than toughing it out, what you may need is a day off. One survey found that 82 percent of employees admit to taking mental health days, simply to recharge themselves. 

The survey, conducted by ComPsych, a provider of employee assistance programs, found that 30 percent of those who took off said they did so because of family or relationship issues, while 20 percent said it was because of workload issues.

It may seem counterproductive to play hooky when you have more work than you can handle, but when you’re feeling super stressed, your work and creativity are likely suffering. Taking a day off can rejuvenate you so you come back as a more effective employee.

Still, you need to save it for when you really need it, since you can only take a mental health day once in a while. Before you take off, make sure you really need one, know how you should ask for the time off, and have a plan for what you’re going to do with your day.

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