Without iPhones Can German Education Save Kids From Screens?

Without iPhones Can German Education Save Kids From Screens?

From giant storefront LED signs to devices that fit in the palm of your hand, we have assimilated screens of every kind. Yet from selfies that spoil the restorative effect of nature to heavy social media use that makes us lonelier than ever, screen invasion can affect self–image, the way we communicate with one another, and the way we feel.

How will upcoming generations fare when they are exposed to screens earlier and in more ways than ever before?

Social Media competes with social brain networks

A German approach to early education could possibly mitigate the way that screens interfere with social development in the young. A growing number of experts see high levels of stimulation from the immediate external world as a force that competes with the process of plasticity through which experience naturally forges new connections among nerve cells. Especially during the early years, these connections are laying down brain networks for socialization and emotional intelligence.

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