Your thoughts: Treating PTSD with Ecstasy (DISCUSSION)

070328-F-9891G-002CNN recently published a three-day series on the experimental use of the drug Ecstasy as part of treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. Readers had a lot to say in response to scientists who are studying the effects of MDMA, the chemical name for pure Ecstasy, on patients with PTSD.

Many readers said they were familiar with past research that’s been done on these drugs and questioned why they are still illegal.

Thom Burke
"I think the judicious use of many psychedelics can be very helpful in a lot of these cases. Sad how their use got derailed in the ’60s because of culture wars.”

Pagan Champ
“100% agree Thom. The real problem is that politics and policy stand in the way of advancing science and medicine for chemicals that we’ve had at our disposal for nearly 100 years now.”

Bret Sammons
"Wow. Bills Hicks’ quote from ‘Sane Man’ (1989) is coming true. ‘Wouldn’t you like to see a positive LSD story on the news? To base your decision on information rather than scare tactics and superstition? Perhaps? Wouldn’t that be interesting? Just for once?’ ”

Full discussion of treating PTSD with Ecstasy at CNN Health

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